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East Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association

     The purpose of this ETBCA association is to promote high school baseball in this area and this association has been accomplishing this since it was established back in 1981.  We want coaches to collaborate and be connected to improving the game, allowing both coaches and players to maximize their abilities. The goal is to create opportunities for coaches and players to gain exposure and to be active and involved with the development of the game. 


     We want to create positive communication with college coaches, summer coaches, middle school coaches, etc. along with TSSAA, TBCA, former ETBCA members, administrators, and our community supporters as well.  In hopes of making baseball even better in our area, we plan to accomplish this by:

  • Senior All Star Game (previously at Smokies Stadium)

  • Selecting an annual All Association Team with Honorable Mention selections as well

  • Selecting an Association Coach/staff of the Year

  • Selecting Superlative:  Player / Pitcher / Offensive / Defensive / Newcomer of the Year Awards

  • Selecting Field/Facility of the Year

  • Selecting Scholar/Athlete Award

  • Selecting Player of the Week Award throughout the season

  • Providing a College Workout/Showcase during the summer at a local facility

  • Promote College level signees

  • Select Hall of Fame members & recognize previous selections

  • Provide monthly dinner meetings (with guest speakers)…zoom meetings are now as option…

  • Local/Area Ranking throughout the season

  • Pre Season Playday (next year = March 5)

  • Tournament (next year = March 31 – April 2)

  • Twitter account  (in process of setting up a website)

  • Media Day (with team previews…team previews also included to website)

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