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ETBCA History 

        In 1981, Coach John Whited took the helm as head baseball coach at the University of Tennessee only to find a surprising void: Knoxville lacked a local high school baseball coaches association. Having previously coached at Dobyns Bennett High School in Kingsport and East Tennessee State University, where such associations flourished, Whited saw an opportunity not only to enhance high school baseball in Knoxville but also to bolster his UT program. Collaborating with local coaches, he spearheaded the establishment of the Knoxville Area Baseball Coaches Association, dedicated to championing high school baseball across East Tennessee.

        From monthly meetings to guest speaker sessions featuring college and professional baseball figures, the association has nurtured growth through clinics, pre-season Play Day games, and end-of-season senior games at Smokies Park in Kodak. In the mid-1990s, recognizing the need for broader regional inclusivity, the association transformed into the East Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association, drawing coaches from nine counties and local private schools. In 1997, the ETBCA inaugurated its Hall of Fame, honoring outstanding coaches and spanning nearly fifty inductees from twenty-five area schools. Fulfilling Coach Whited's vision, the ETBCA continues to elevate local high school baseball, celebrating forty years of dedicated promotion through its array of association activities.

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